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Cubs’ slow start: Is it time to panic?

If you told me on opening day that the Cubs would be 25-27 on May 31st after being swept by the cellar-dwelling Padres, I would probably laugh it off, citing their stacked lineup and the relatively weak NL Central. But,... Continue Reading →

2017 Hall of Fame ballot

It's that wonderful time of year again. Spring Training is right around the corner, and the hot stove is cooling off for the winter. Yet the baseball world is still filled with heated discussion, thanks to the annual hall of... Continue Reading →

7/26 at Target Field

I had been looking forward to our two day trip to the Twin Cities for a long time. Not only was I going to check another stadium off the list, but I was finally going to meet some fellow ballhawks... Continue Reading →

11/4/16 at Cubs World Series Parade

Ever since I was a young fan, I had my heart set going to the Cubs World Series parade once they finally won. Well, it happened, and sure enough, my dad, my brother Nicholas, and I made plans to go... Continue Reading →

Cubs win the Pennant: My thoughts heading into the World Series.

"Sure as God made green apples, the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series, and maybe sooner than we think" - Harry Caray, 1991. History has been made. For the first time in 71 years, the Cubs... Continue Reading →

6/29 at Great American Ballpark

With game time being 12:35, my second day in the Queen City started quite early. I got out of bed at around 8:30 or so, ate some breakfast, and then eventually started walking to the ballpark by myself at about... Continue Reading →

6/28 at Great American Ballpark

My jam packed day in the former city of the deceased gorilla Harambe started by grabbing some Breakfast at the hotel, and then heading to the National Underground Railroad Museum. The plan was to go through some exhibits and then... Continue Reading →

6/3 at Busch Stadium

Our day started in Memphis, Tennessee. After eating some breakfast at the hotel and printing out the Cardinals' and Giants' rosters in preparation for the game later that day, we headed out to walk around a bit. After taking a... Continue Reading →

5/27 at Turner Field

Our first full day in Atlanta started off with me catching up with my buddies Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper at CNN: Turns out the CNN studio tour was a bit of a rip off, as we only saw one... Continue Reading →

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